Living with your kitten

Welcoming him

For a smooth arrival

The kitten, much awaited in his new home, has just left the world he shared with his mother in the company of his brothers and sisters. His arrival in an unknown environment is a major stage which is going to condition the success of his integration. This integration must be carried out gradually and quite smoothly.

A new territory, a new life… Here are a few tips to welcome this young kitten in the serene atmosphere he needs.

The big day

The moment when the kitten arrives in his new home must be as quiet as possible. Indeed, too noisy a reception committee would cause him great fright. To accommodate him as soon as he arrives, you’d better choose a limited perimeter, easily secured, such as a bedroom, for instance, whose door will be shut. Thus, he’ll be able to become gradually familiar with the other inhabitants of the home, noises, smells. Then, he’ll go to the discovery of the spaces that will be made available to him and get used to the comings and goings of everybody. Water and food must be put at his disposal in the room where he will be placed, each in a different container. Whatever the chosen location, the litter box must always be placed as far away as possible from the feeding area.

And every other day

The first days of the kitten in his new environment must not come with drastic changes in his well-being. Whether it is his food or his litter, the best is to continue for some time with what he had in his previous home. Anything new shall be introduced gradually.

In the basic purchases to be made, the carrying bag is very useful for visits to the veterinarian. It is essential to ensure safe conditions whenever the animal is moved to another location.

A sisal or cardboard scratcher will enable him to satisfy his irrepressible need to sharpen his claws. A few simple games, a ball, a cork, are all that’s needed, but they won’t satisfy his constant need for discovery and play. You should expect a few surprises and set aside several moments devoted to play when you are available every day.

Introducing him to the other animals of the home

The kitten must be introduced to the pets of the home, if there’s any. It is important to rapidly introduce every pet to allow the kitten to become properly integrated. However, it’s pointless to try to get him used to rodents or birds, as cohabitation is quite difficult to achieve. With other animals, the introduction must take place gradually and under supervision. A poor integration which develops a feeling of frustration and/or jealousy may lead to the temporary departure of the oldest animal in the home. A dog who is properly socialized will easily accept the young kitten. Some aged dogs may prove to be less tolerant, but a slight scratch by the kitten will lessen their aggressiveness, and integration generally occurs rapidly and without any problem. With another cat, the task may prove to be much more difficult. An adult cat is not too happy with the arrival of a kitten on his territory. He’ll show his displeasure by menacing attitudes, for he does not accept seeing his habits disrupted. Full acceptation may take several months.


The potential dangers for a kitten are many. Even if he sleeps a lot, you’d better keep an eye on him, even if it means, for a few hours’ absence, placing him in the room where he was accommodated at first. The most simple gestures such as running a bath into which he might drown, or opening a window the ledge of which is within reach, demand the utmost vigilance.


Adoption: a commitment

Before acquiring your kitten, it is desirable that you ask yourself the right questions. This deep desire to share your life with a kitten must be based on a precise personal analysis, as this choice commits you for long years.

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