Also known as: Vitamin B8 or Vitamin H

This is one of the most active vitamins for a glossy coat and healthy skin in animals. It is also directly involved in the smooth running of the nervous system.

A little background information

Biotin was discovered at the turn of the last century in research on “egg white disease”: the consumption of large amounts of raw egg whites induced skin lesions, hair loss and neuromuscular disorders. The disease can be cured by cooking the whites, associated with yeast distribution. The intestinal absorption of biotin, a vitamin included in yeasts, is actually inhibited by an antibiotin substance present in raw egg whites, avidin.

Their role in the body

Biotin is involved in the catabolism (chemical breakdown) of glucose, fatty acids and some amino acids. It is essential to the synthesis of some other fatty acids.

Natural sources

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin found in large amounts in yeasts, liver, kidneys and cooked eggs.

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