There is no particular problem related to potassium intake, except in the case of diarrhoea which causes high potassium losses. Some heart or kidney diseases demand a modification of the dietary amounts. During diuretic treatment, the potassium content should be increased.

A little background information

Potassium is a major mineral element, an alkaline that nutritionists call a mineral macro element because of the large amounts needed by the body.

Its role in the body

This mineral element is essential to the functioning of the cell, together with sodium maintaining the balance in internal and external pressure and playing important roles in its energy metabolism.
Potassium has a major role in the cardiac function. An excessive acidification of the urine can lead to potassium deficiency.

Natural sources

It is often found in the form of mineral salts. In humans, the best sources of potassium are vegetables and dried fruits, avocado, meat and smoked fish, as well as chocolate and bananas.


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