Magnesium deficiency is expressed by the appearance of nervous problems. It was long recommended as a way of curbing the formation of struvite (or ammonia-magnesium phosphate) stones, especially in cats.Nowadays, it has been shown that maintaining an acidic urine pH is a much more effective
prevention measure. Magnesium inhibits the formation of calcium oxalate stones. Sports dogs require a higher magnesium intake.

A little background information

Magnesium is a major mineral element, an alkalineearthmetal, qualified in nutrition as amacro element because of the large amounts needed by the body.

Its role in the body

Magnesium, like calcium and phosphorus, is a constituent part of the skeleton, to which it imparts solidity, albeit to a lesser degree than the other two. Magnesium is also essential to the good working order of nervous conduction and muscle contraction, contributing to the body’s general energy metabolism.

Natural sources

Magnesium is found in the bones of mammals and in mineral sources like magnesia or various mineral salts.

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