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Chelated trace elements

Chelated trace elements

Chelated elements, bound to an organic molecule, are absorbed more easily by their target organ and are thus more effective.Chelated zinc for instance is more easily attached in the hair than free zinc, stimulating hair growth. Improving the nutritional quality of the food using chelates helps better cover the animal’s requirements with respect to each trace element.

A little background information

A chelated trace element is made up of a metallicion and three amino acids.

Its role in the body

The use of this form of trace elements simply improves their digestion and especially digestive absorption, which is typically lower than 30% (70% of the mineral is found in excrement). When the trace elements are chelated, the absorption rate can exceed 60%.

Natural sources

Purified amino acids from natural sources are used to chelate such minerals as iron, copper, zinc, manganese,iodine and selenium.

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