Example: psyllium fibre

Mucilage is the soluble fibre used to treat problems of digestive transit.They regulate transit and facilitate faecal elimination.

A little background information

Psyllium grains are a very good source of mucilage.Psyllium comes from the Greek “psyllia”, which means flea. The grains, black or golden depending on the species, resemble tiny psyllids. Psyllium is very commonly used in the food of sledge dogs, to prevent stress diarrhoea.

Its role in the body

The mucilage that makes up the exterior layer of psyllium grains has a large water retaining capacity. It puffs up by capturing water and creating a gel that increases the viscosity of the contents of the intestine (chyme). Psyllium improves digestive transit. It therefore combats constipation, which is its main indication in human medicine. The advancement of faecal matter through the colon is more regular and the lubrication induced by the psyllium cell facilitates faecal elimination.

Natural sources

The different species of psyllium (Plantago ovata,Plantago ispaghula) were originally found in India.

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