Also known as: Mannan-oligosaccharides

MOS contribute to an adequately balanced bacterial population in the bowels, and have a direct and indirect effect on the health of the digestive tract.Thus, they are very effective in preventing diarrhoea and contribute to the prevention of digestion-related infectious diseases.

A little background information

Mannan-oligosaccharides belong to the large category of fibres, which means they are non-digestible carbohydrates. Just like FOS, they are effective against harmful bacteria living in the intestinal lumen, but have a different mode of action. They are composed of two sugars: glucose and mannose.

Its role in the body

These yeast fibres are beneficial to the digestive tract by acting in two ways:

  • they prevent the development of pathogenic bacteria by stopping them from attaching themselves to the intestinal mucosa ;
  • they directly enhance the effectiveness of the body’s immune system, making for an improved fight against pathogenic agents.

Natural sources

MOS are fibres found in the walls of yeasts.

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